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  • Lufkin, Texas is listed as the 10th most dangerous city in Texas on a TikTok video.
  • These TikTok stories seem to be generated by AI and have no sources listed.
  • Lufkinites rush to the comments section to vindicate their city.

If you have ever been on TikTok then you have seen these nameless, faceless AI-generated voice videos. They push them out on usamap55, among others, and list them as true stories.

In past weeks, they have done this list for just about every state in the U.S. The two videos for Texas combined have almost 3 million views.

Raw statistics, if they even used them, never really tell the story of what is going on in a town. How does little Lufkin rank one step below Dallas? Have they ever been to Dallas?

Lufkinites Laugh Off Being Included on This Dangerous City List

Dan Patrick
usamap55 via tiktok

Multiple people in the comments are coming to Lufkin's rescue. They paint a more authentic picture of our small city where people sit around Texas Roadhouse and have dinner.

Crime does happen in Lufkin daily, but not on the scale of larger cities in Texas.


Here is a YouTube video of much the same theme that lists Diboll as dangerous.

They can't even pronounce Diboll because it's AI. They even misspelled the name of the city.

This is the worst form of media, and I wouldn't take any of these videos to heart. Here is an actual list with sources.

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