If Clark Griswold was decorating his house in 2023, it would probably look something like this.

A Friendly Neighborhood Battle Has Turned Into Madness

Just two weeks from Christmas and more of those Christmas decorations are going up every where. It's nice to see so many great displays, but two families over in Plano. May have taken things to far. Let me introduce you to the Tallos and Buchanan families.

A Battle of Inflatable Christmas Decorations

What started as a fun little one up on each other has turned into every square inch of the yard has some sort of Christmas inflatable. Currently the Buchanans are winning the 'war' with 121 inflatables in their yard, while the Tallos have 102.

Better Shot of the Inflatable Madness

Looks Like Some Good Does Come Out of This Battle

Gregory Tallos gets all in the Christmas spirit and dresses up as Santa Claus in the neighborhood. The family also helps raise money for local charities as people stop by to check out the Christmas decorations.

Where is This Plano Neighborhood at?

You can check out these houses at Ports O' Call Court in Plano. It's actually a dead end street in the neighborhood so it will be easy to find if you pop up that road into your GPS. The one thing I need to know is, what are the electrical bill at these houses? I'm just saying if the Texas grid is about to fail again, just shut the power off at these two houses and the grid will self sustain in no time.

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