Sonic wants to give back to the teachers and they have cool promotions going on every day the rest of the week.

Sonic America's Drive In Giving Back to the Teachers

Let's face it, nobody wants to be going back to school with how cold it is right now. Sonic knows that teachers don't often get the recognition that they deserve. That is why they started the Sonic Teacher's Circle and this week, teachers everywhere can get free stuff from Sonic EVERY day with their purchase. Here is what is going down.

Wednesday January 17th: Free Sonic Breakfast Burrito (Good News Breakfast Served All Day at Sonic)

Thursday January 18th: Free Small Cold Brew

Friday January 19th: Free French Toast Sticks

I will note they had something on January 16th, but I just found out about this today. So sorry to all my teacher friends.

How Do Teachers Join the Sonic Circle?

If you don't have an account on the Sonic App, you will need to create one. Then you will verify your teacher status within their profile.

Turns Out by Buying Sonic Drinks, You Help Out Teachers As Well

I did not know this until today, but Sonic has something called the Limeades for Learning program. Sonic donates a portion of its proceeds every time guests purchase a drink, slush, blast or shake to the Sonic Foundation. Since 2009, they donated 26 million dollars to public education. I can't go to Sonic without getting one of their drinks, so nice to know I helped out some kids/teachers in the process.

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So get out this week and get some Sonic!

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