Whoo boy. Here we go talking about speed limits in Texas. For most Texans, those signs are more of a suggestion. That leads to severe injuries and death. For those that believe it's a suggestion, you'll be arguing with a brick wall trying to change their minds. So anytime a new speed limit law goes into effect, it's not going to have much effect on the lead footed type unless there is a patrolman there to pull over all violators. So let's take a look at a new Texas law going into effect September 1 that is needed but not many are going to follow.

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The Myth of Speed Limits in Texas and Why I Don't Believe Them

What's the most commonly believed myth about speed limits in Texas? That you can drive five miles over the limit and you won't get pulled over for it. It's a myth that I will never believe. Why? Because I have been pulled over multiple times for going five miles over the speed limit and have been ticketed on some of those occasions. Earlier this month, I was coming back from Dallas traveling at 80 miles per hour (because you have to with the way people drive on I-20) in a 75 mile per hour zone and passed a highway patrolman. That was the first time ever that I was not pulled over. So no, I can't speed because of my history of being pulled over.

Transportation is a very nonpartisan issue. The roads belong to everybody. I don't care which party you're in. All parties want good transportation and safe roads. - State Representative Robert Nichols of Jacksonville

New Law Going Into Effect September 1

There will be a new law going into effect in Texas September 1 that will require drivers to slow down when certain road conditions change. This law was sponsored by East Texas representative Robert Nichols of Jacksonville What this law does is lower the speed limit by no more than 10 miles per hour when road conditions become hazardous.

How will drivers know the lowered speed limit is in effect?

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will put up signs showing the temporary speed limit. This will be displayed using either an electronic sign, a TxDOT sign or simply a cover over the existing speed limit sign. The process of this new law has been worked on since 2013.

You get more details on this new law at abc13.com.

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