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This is totally random, but this Louisiana doctor has developed a test that can reliably predict your favorite type of wine.

Is there a test that can tell you what kind of wine you'll like best?

Why, yes, there is! A Rhinologist out of Baton Rouge, LA named Henry Barham has developed a test that can predict what kind of wine you'll like best with 95% accuracy.

It turns out that Dr. Barham reportedly came up with the test during COVID. The test is called 'Vinotastr' - "it's the science behind your sip" and industry insiders are calling it a game changer. Does this mean I don't have to pick wines based on their label anymore?  Guess so!

Vinotastr uses paper test strips that the user places on their tongue. Depending on how bitter the user finds the individual test strips determine the type of wine that person will like most. It's all based on how taste receptors react to the test strips. All in all, there are four test strips included in the test. The user records their results using an app on their phone. Using that data, Vinotastr will then send you several recommendations.

Want to try Vinotastr? You can get it for $24.99 by clicking here.

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