If going on a safari or taking a trip to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is on your bucket list be prepared for a couple of things: long flights on some big and not so big planes and for your bank account to take a hit too.

Now If you're terrified of small planes or think that your bank account can't take a hit to get you to that safari or the Serengeti, there is a way to experience some of the wildlife you'd see in Tanzania right here in East Texas from the comfort of your own vehicle.

There is an awesome drive-thru-safari park here in East Texas filled with all kinds of exotic wildlife where you'll feel like you're on your personal safari adventure.

Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari is an interactive and cool experience for everyone in your family. You and the kids will often get a close-up with many of the animals that are roaming free within the safari park.

Some animals will come right up to your vehicle window!

While you're driving through the self-guided park, many of the animals will come right up to your window giving you a unique look and perspective of each animal. In addition to some funky dirty smells from some of the animals! They're wild animals after all y'all!

Zebra, bison, ostrich, camel, donkey, Highland cattle, llama, watusi, and more will be right outside your window just waiting for you to throw them some food (provided by Cherokee Trace and included in your admission fee).

If you're not careful, some animals will stick their heads right into your vehicle to get the food. Speaking from experience, the camels will do just that and so will the bison and some of the other taller animals like an ostrich.

Just don't attempt to roll your windows up if an animal sticks its head in the vehicle, just slowly pull away and they'll take their head out. If you try to roll up your window they could end up breaking it. Thankfully I have not experienced that.

These animals are hungry, especially in the morning and midday before the heat of the day.

Although wild, some of these animals are smart. They see a car coming and they're running towards it because they know you have food!

You shouldn't feed the animals directly from your hand because they could mistake your fingers for food and try to eat them. It is hard to resist feeding them directly because their mouths are open right there outside the car window!

So if you're looking for something a little bit different and adventuresome at the same time, drive thru the safari at Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari Park.

**This is not a paid advertisement or endorsement for Cherokee Trace, just a fun family activity that my family and I enjoy and I'm passing it along to you so that you can have some fun with your family too right here in East Texas and not far away in Africa or Tanzania!

Grab The Family And See Exotic Animals At Cherokee Trace Drive Thru Safari Park in East Texas

If you want to go on a safari but can't make it to Africa, this is the closest that you'll probably come to going on one and it's right here in East Texas.

Check out some of the animals you'll see and get to feed along with way.

For more information on Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari be sure to visit their website. This is not an endorsement for the park.

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