Despite Winning The NFC East, The Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Seems To Still Be On The Hot Seat.

"Black Monday" is the term used to describe the first Monday after the NFL regular season ends where teams who more than likely had a losing season or missed the playoffs, will fire their coaching staffs or management.

While several teams have already began the process of finding a new coach, one playoff bound team still has questions about the job security of its head coach.

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Lit Up Speculation After His Post Game Comments Sunday.

After securing a regular season finale win against the Washington Commanders and wrapping up the NFC East Division Championship, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in a post game interview was asked specifically about McCarthy’s future and Jones said “We’ll see how each game goes in the playoffs”.

Does That Mean McCarthy's Job Could Be On The Line?

Well it all depends on how far Dallas can go into the playoffs.

Despite being the #2 seed overall in the East, the Cowboys recent failures in the playoffs under McCarthy still weigh heavily on the outcome of his job security:"

  • The Cowboys missed the playoffs entirely in 2020.
  • In 2021, they were knocked out in the wild-card game by the 49ers despite winning the NFC East.
  • The 49ers beat Dallas yet again last season in the NFC divisional round.

But speculation is growing that if McCarthy can't lead the team to at least the NFC Championship game this season, the Cowboys could be on the hunt of its next head coach.

Cowboys fans, how far does McCarthy need to take the team into the playoffs to keep his job?

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