The Teams That Will Be Playing In The "Big Game" Have Been Determined And East Texans Have Two Stars On Opposing Teams To Root For.

After hearing for weeks that the teams were "pre-determined" based on the "colors of the logo" or the old "it's rigged so the NFL can get Taylor Swift more TV time", we now know the two teams that will face off in the Super Bowl.

The San Francisco 49ers versus the Kansas City Chiefs. If you don't care for neither team, that's okay for us here in East Texas because two communities here will have rooting interest thanks to two of the games premeire stars.

Longview High Alum Trent Williams Will Be Making His First Super Bowl Appearance.

San Francisco 49ers star left tackle Trent Williams who paved the way for San Francisco’s dramatic 34–31 win over the Detroit Lions in the NFC championship game, will be making his first Super Bowl trip in his career.

Williams spent the first nine seasons of his career starring in Washington, appearing in just two playoff games. In 2019, he held out the entire year due to contractual and personal grievances with Washington.

The Niners Traded For Williams In April 2020.

Whitehouse Alum Patrick Mahomes Is Going To His 4th Super Bowl In 6 Seasons.

Mahomes made even more history over the weekend as he became the YOUNGEST Quarterback All-Time To Win 4 Conference Championship games. The two years they didn’t get to the Super Bowl, they lost in the AFC Championship Game, in overtime both times.

Every single year Mahomes has been the Chiefs’ starter, they’ve been in the AFC Championship Game.

The TWO time Champion will be seeking his THIRD ring as he gets ready to play in his FOURTH Super Bowl at only 28 years old.

It's Longview Vs. Whitehouse (at least in our eyes here in East Texas) for all the marbles Sunday Feb. 11th in Las Vegas. Who you got?

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