If You Were Planning A Trip To Farmers Branch, TX Soon For This, You're Gong To Have Reschedule.

When it opened it was dubbed The "Future Of Playgrounds" And Thousands From All Across The Area flocked to play and see it for themselves.

Unfortunately, after only a few weeks of being open, JOYA Playground has been forced to abruptly close.

Apparently, we really can't have nice things.

The City of Farmers Branch Opened The Joya playground on Jan. 20 at Oran Good Park.

After just 4 weeks of being in operation, city officials called the playground "an enormous success" but its popularity "has had a direct effect on the equipment and the neighborhood surrounding the park."

There's already been damage to some of the equipment and issues with crowd control  so the city announced that they will shut it down from March 1 to March 10.

Crews will work on repairs to the playground and "re-assess" issues involving safety, parking, and staffing at the playground.

What are some of the issues? Well here's just a few:

  • too many people were parking along the road adjacent to the park, clogging traffic and creating a potentially dangerous situation for families.
  • Some parents have had issues with the park being too crowded at night, saying it's a safety issue.
  • The city also asked that adults not use the equipment, saying some of it had been damaged due to use. (SIT YALL GROWN ASSES DOWN AND LET THE KIDS PLAY)

The rest of Oran Good Park will remain open during the playground's closure.

FBTX YouTube
FBTX YouTube

The main playground's features include a 27-foot sphere with six levels of climbing, swings and slides, an obstacle course and a zip line with interactive lights. Much of this area will be filled with LED lights.

The tot playground, for children ages 2 to 5, will be fenced with two gated entrances and will have play areas full of lights.

FBTX YouTube
FBTX YouTube

The design and construction of the project are funded by a grant from the State of Texas Parks & Wildlife and the Federal American Rescue Plan Act.

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