According to the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests, math scores--particularly algebra--have not fully recovered since taking a gap year during the pandemic.

When Texas students were assessed this year on whether they have a good grasp and "met grade level", or were up to standards, only 45% of students reached this mark, with 55% dropping below the standard.

This is a significant drop from 2019 test scores where, before schools shut down due to pandemic legislation, over 60% of students met their grade level requirements.

English I & II scores experienced a brief drop-off in 2022, but otherwise are on the rise following the hiatus in 2020.

Concern for future workers

Some are worried for this generation entering into the STEM workforce ill-equipped to handle the duties, especially if these math scores are any proof for future struggles.

Other STAAR results

Texas student performance from Spring 2019 compared to Spring 2024 also vary in other subjects. For example, biology scores from 2019 reflected a 63% base of meeting expectations. In 2024? 57%.

This drop is also shown in U.S. history scores, as 75% of students in 2019 met expectations but soon dropped to 69% in 2024.

The bright side

I don't want to be all doom and gloom when it comes to Texas education. There are still accolades in order for student progression.

The level of mastery has steadily increased since 2020 in both algebra and English, and the emphasis of strong research-based education is still the forefront of Texas schools when finding teachers for this generation entering the workforce.

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