Divorce isn't exactly a fun subject to write about, but let's be honest, it happens. While the divorce rates have been going down overall since 2000, they have ticked up slightly after the pandemic according to CNN.

Still, couples are getting divorced and for some couples considering divorce, one question many wonder is how long the process will take. In Texas, you might be surprised to learn that you can get divorced fairly quickly, but only in some circumstances can it be quick.

According to attorney Jason Wright, some uncontested divorces can happen in as little as 60 days, but if there is any type of dispute, it's going to take longer. Texas law doesn't allow for a divorce until 60 days have passed since the petition was filed. That's why even "fast" cases will take a minimum of 61 days.

Uncontested divorced are considered the easiest and least expensive cases, but they also seem pretty rare, at least cases that only last 60 days. According to jasonwrightlaw.com, even an uncontested divorce will typically take a few months to be finalized due to scheduling issues. So what is an uncontested divorce? According to Wright's website:

• The parties agree on the reason for the divorce;
• The parties agree to end the marriage;
• The couple does not have minor children or can agree on child support and child custody;
• Neither spouse is going through a bankruptcy proceeding;
• The couple agrees to the distribution of property; and
• Neither spouse is seeking spousal maintenance, or the parties agree on the amount of spousal maintenance.

But if the couple disagrees on anything, get ready to be in court for a while. If there are disagreements and kids are involved, divorce cases can take several months to a year to finalize.

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