Driving into Dallas, Texas is not a huge ordeal, it’s just a small road trip away, but normally when we take the trip it’s for some sort of occasion. Whether it’s a sporting event or a concert, there is always fun to be had when you’re visiting the Metroplex. And whenever you’re going into the big city it’s fun to eat at nice restaurants. So, I just wanted to see what kind of options were available when looking at steak dinners. Here is what I found to be the 5 most expensive steak options in Dallas, Texas. 

Before we start looking at the list, I want to mention that just because a steak has a high price tag doesn’t mean the steak is going to taste better to you. As we all know there are different cuts of steak that we enjoy more than others, you just have to find the one that you love the most. Which is always a fun game to play. 

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Sticker Shock From Some Steak Prices in Dallas, Texas 

When you’re looking at some of the most expensive steaks in one of the most populated areas of the country you know that the prices are going to be steep. Which is why I am trying to brace you now, I don’t want anyone suffering from cardiac arrest after seeing a steak for almost $400. 

Steaks Where You Determine the Size Were Left Off the List 

At some fine dining establishments, you can order Wagyu steaks by the ounce, so you could make it the most expensive steak in Dallas. But I didn’t include those in this list of most expensive steaks in Dallas.  

Here is what I was able to find as the 5 most expensive steaks you can order in Dallas, Texas. 

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