Jelly Roll's Christmas involved delicious food, belly laughs and the people that matter most.

The singer's wife, podcaster and internet personality Bunnie Xo, shared a holiday montage of the family's Christmas at home together. Each family member took turns wishing the camera "Merry Christmas" — including Bunnie's beloved dog, Chachi.

Bunnie's dad, Bill, was also there for the holiday celebration. Bill is currently going through end-stage cancer, and the family moved him to Nashville from Texas earlier in 2023 in order to pursue different treatment options and make him as comfortable as possible.

Bunnie recently shared that Bill has transitioned into hospice care, and Jelly Roll also told Taste of Country Nights that his father-in-law is "clearly in what is obviously the last phase of his life," but he was doing "a lot better" now that he is in Tennessee and Bunnie is able to help him get all the resources he needs.

Of course, one of the most important family members attending Jelly Roll and Bunnie's Christmas celebration was his teenage daughter, Bailee Ann. The three nuclear family members posed together at the end of Bunnie's Christmas video, with Jelly Roll giving Bunnie a big hug as Chachi pokes her head up from under the table.

Watch the video above for more heartwarming details from Jelly Roll's holiday celebration, including a peek at their Christmas meal and a shot of Jelly Roll and Bailee dissolving in giggles as Bunnie jokingly chastises them, saying, "You little s--tbags."

In a separate post, Bunnie shared a heartfelt Christmas message for all her fans and followers. "I hope this day is filled with love, gratitude & appreciation for this beautifully tragic thing we call life," she wrote.

"No matter what cards you've been dealt, you've sure learned to play the hell outta that hand & if no one has told you lately, I'm SO proud of you...Love yourself & others a little more extra today."

Up next, Jelly Roll is scheduled to perform as part of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest on Dec. 31.

The 10 Best Country Albums of 2023 - Critic's Picks

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So many artists upped their game that it was impossible to include them all in this list. Luke Combs' Gettin' Old and Hardy's The Mockingbird & the Crow only made it to honorable mention status, which says a lot about just how high the bar was for great, transformative albums in 2023. Special shout-outs are also due to self-titled records from Zach Bryan and Brandy Clark, who released excellent personal statement projects this year, and Dustin Lynch, who delivered unflinching honesty in his album, Killed the Cowboy.

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