Social Media has fallen in love with this elderly woman in South Louisiana.

A grandmother at a Houma, LA Mardi Gras parade has gone viral after she was spotted "Dancing" or "Tweking" for Mardi Gras beads.

Look, most who attend these parades will do anything to catch the attention of those on floats and this elderly woman decided to show off her moves.

Watch as she grabs onto the fence post and proceeds to show them what she's got. How can you not love this enthusiasm for Mardi Gras?


It worked because as you will see below, she got plenty of beads from the float going past her in the parade.

Who wouldn't want this woman at any party in South Louisiana? She would be the life of any party and she was most certainly the life of this parade, in my opinion.

I hope that this elderly woman had a great time, and I just hope that when I am her age I have a fraction of her energy and excitement.

We love everything about this.

Now, if you couldn't get enough of that, no worries. There's more footage of this grandmother having fun on Mardi Gras day.

Check this one out.


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