Authorities arrested two women from Houston, Texas after officials claimed the pair were part of a scheme to give illegal injections to people according to ABC13 Houston.

In a sting operation that happened on Wednesday, April 3 in Conroe, Texas, 56-year-old Consuelo Maria Dal Bo and her 18-year-old daughter Isabella Dal Bo were arrested for allegedly going to the home to give butt injections. It turns out the person they were going to the injections on was an undercover agent.

The Houston Police Department along with the FDA and Homeland Security teamed up to begin an investigation into the situation. They say they found illegal substances in the two women's possession. Both have been charged with illegally practicing medicine, and the mother faces another charge.

Butt Injection Pic
ABC13 Houston Photo

Following ABC13 Houston's initial report, they were contacted by four women who had stories to tell about their experiences with Consuela, and they were not pleased with the results. The 32-year-old woman told the television station she paid $8,000 for services that she was not happy with.

Another woman was also featured in the report. She claims she has been suffering for 15 years with different ailments related to being injected by Consuelo.

She says she was very disappointed and had issues after getting calf injections in 2010. Here is a picture of her troubles:

Calf Injection
ABC13 Houston Photo

Both of the people who shared their stories with the news station say they regret doing it, and they advise anyone considering getting any type of work done to only work with a real medical professional who is a doctor.

The story has received coverage across the country.

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