In Texas, there are many rules of living in the state. Some of them include owning a cowboy hat or loving Whataburger for example. But in addition to that previously mentioned Texas original, there's a certain animal named Bucky we must love.

There's no shortage to the love of Buc-ee's the state of Texas has. We all know it started here after all! Recently though, it wasn't Bu-cee's itself that made the news.

Rather it was a imitator that made news headlines. But it looks like for those looking to potentially visit the location may be out of luck.

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The Update Regarding Buk-II's

Well, it looks like Buc-ee's noticed our trending friend, and now there's a big change to the look of it. Can you spot it?

Yes, it looks like Buc-ee's did indeed have something to say about the store. According to MySanAntonio, Buc-ee's found out about the store's existence and summarily said, "Buc-ee's will not stand as an idle spectator while others use without permission the intellectual property that Buc-ee's has cultivated for decades."

What caused the change you ask? Well according to WOAI, a lawsuit was set to occur. But that may have changed due to change in logo. So with the store having changed, all things still seem set to go in regards to opening soon.

But...looking at it, doesn't the new logo seem a little familiar? Like we've seen it somewhere before right? We're trying to put our finger on it...

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