Do you ever sit down and have those unexpected thoughts about one certain thing? Anything could potentially could set off that random thought. It's always something just out of nowhere too right?

Like, for example, you might think "Do Penguins get sunburned?" or "What do dogs dream about?" Now, while you're wondering that, let's think of something more Texas-centric shall we?

Have you ever pondered about everybody's favorite business known as Buc-ee's? Maybe perhaps which one holds the title of "Best Buc-ee's In The Lone Star State?" Well it turns out, somebody has done the legwork for us.

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So, let's hold our breath and find out the question some Central Texans are asking now:

Where Did Temple's Buc-ee's Land On The List?

First the factors used by MySanAntonio:

- Size
- Parking
- Food Selection
- Bathrooms
- Gas Pumps

Others were used in the ranking, but these were the main factors to help get the stores from the bottom to the top. The moment of truth has arrived. Will the Temple Buc-ee's make the top ten?

Well, it turns out our favorite beaver in Temple just barely made it in the top 50% in the state.

Overall Review From MySanAntonio

According to the news organization, Temple's Buc-ee's looked wonderful on the outside, but the inside was different than they expected. They noted that due to the high number of individuals there, the bathrooms would be difficult to clean.

In addition, the inability to get the right food item they ordered cost them some style points. Which in my opinion, is a little nitpicky, but we digress. The overall final ranking was...16th out of 34.

Well, let's just be glad it wasn't in the lower tiers!

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