There's one thing that many in Texas know the best about: beef.

Cooking meat in the Lone Star State is simply an art here isn't it? We've all seen many different ways one has cooked a certain type of food. Simply, there's too many ways to count.

But with the amount of areas in the state, some places might be better than others. On top of that, there other places in the nation that are highly skilled as well. So how does one know where the best is?

To find out, data has been collected to find out, and Texas has a representative in the top ten!

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One City In The Lone Star State Places Itself Among The Best In Nation For Meat Grilling

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To discover the best cities in the nation for cooking up meat, Lawn Love used four big factors. The factors were access, cost, outdoors, and popularity. So there's a big question that many Texans now have on their mind.

Which is the city that was placed in the top ten? Could it be Austin? Or Perhaps Dallas?

Well, the city that ranked 321st in access, 25th in cost, 80th in outdoors, and 142nd in popularity might be surprising to some. With all those factors combined to land at eighth on the list, New Braunfels is the best city in Texas for meat grilling.

But other cities also appeared on the list, like Waco and even Temple! So, grill on Texas!

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