Where are some of the absolute best places to get married in or near Tyler, Texas?

So, you or someone in your family has found the love of their life. First of all--congratulations! How wonderful! 

And now begins the long, but often lovely, arduous process of planning. Whew, it can be overwhelming. There are just so many things to consider, aren't there? 

There are the flowers, the colors, and types of flowers, the time of year you want to wed, whether will it be a sit-down dinner or light hors d'oeuvres... But wait, if I do that, does that mean the wedding needs to be in the afternoon?

Oy vey. ;) 

And don't even get us started on finding the perfect wedding dress. And now the guys--there are so many more options nowadays. Good grief, is my fiancé gonna want to wear fishing lure-themed boutonnieres? (My advice? Let him.)

Photographers, caterers, number of people to invite...the list goes on and on. (Try to enjoy the process, as stressful as it can get. This is about you and the one you love. All of the rest is simply icing on the cake. OMG, the CAKE?! (Relax, it'll be fine.)

Will it be in a church or outside or somewhere else altogether? Hey, we can at least help you out when it comes to the venue.

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