We all get nervous while driving in Texas don't we?

Look, especially with the recent ice storms, Lone Star roadways haven't made us feel the best. That's not the roads themselves that is making us worried, it's mainly the other drivers on the roadway that cause us headaches. You've all seen a bad driver on the Texas roads, admit it.

Sometimes however, the bad is the only thing we see. There's a lot we don't see that is potentially good. Which is why when data is released about Texas, we keep a close eye on it.

Recently, driving data about the state of Texas was released, and some may be surprised at was found.

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Driving Data About Texas And The Nation

WalletHub recently compiled the data, and some states might be surprised at how high they ranked for taking the road safely. WalletHub used these four factors to determine the list:

- Cost of Ownership & Maintenance
- Traffic & Infrastructure
- Safety
- Access to Vehicles & Maintenance

So we've got everything that we need to know to figure out were Texas ranks. Honestly, we're kind of nervous to find out where the Lone Star State is on this list...ok, deep breath, here we go!

Coming at 19th for Cost of Ownership & Maintenance, 42nd in Traffic & Infrastructure, 17th at Safety, and Fourth with Access to Vehicles & Maintenance, Texas ranked...Ninth!

That's right, Texas is the ninth best state to drive in the USA! Honestly, we can't believe it. But now...we've got to get to number one! Drive safe Texas!

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