You may not realize it, but many flights occur in Texas daily.

With so many flights happenings day in and day out, you may know somebody taking a trip somewhere. It could be for business, or it could be for pleasure. Of course there's a lot planning that goes into a day of travel as well.

We've all dealt with traffic getting to the airport, getting food while waiting for the flight, and most importantly, making sure we'll be content and entertained during our time in the air. Many don't think about the time in the air itself.

Some in Texas however, recently learned that anything and everything can happen when you're inside a plane.

Plane Issues In The State Of Texas

Two videos this week have been released which would make any future flier a little nervous before takeoff. One video posted to Tik Tok shows a engine on fire from a United Airlines engine. The plane had taken off from Houston, Texas and was heading to Florida:

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According to ABC 13 Houston, bubble wrap going into the engine itself what was suspected to have started the blaze. The plane thankfully landed with no one injured, also reported by USA Today.

But this wasn't the only plane accident in the state of Texas. Another plane, which had landed after arriving from Houston, skidded off the runway:

AP News reports that, at the time of writing, investigations are still going on as to what caused the plane to go off the landing strip. Once again thankfully, no one was harmed after the plane had its issue.

But, if you're reading this, don't worry. There is data that flying is very safe. So take to the skies without worries Texans!

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