Whether you call San Antonio, TX or maybe San Angelo, TX home, all Texans know Texas is special. I moved here in '99 and I understand where Ms. Wolf, who is a 28-year-old math teacher and New York Transplant, is coming from.

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Fresh off my move, I got a job at Brookshire Brothers in Henderson, and I'll never forget the amount of shame I felt after I asked the store manager a question about the "pop aisle." She laughed at me, then called all of the other stockers over and asked me to repeat my question, I did, and they all shared in her joy at my word choice.

I haven't said "pop" since.

Back to Ms. Wolf, a new resident of San Antonio, she took to TikTok to share a few things she's having trouble adjusting to since moving to the Lone Star State.

First things first, she addresses drivers and their lack of use of blinkers when changing lanes or turning. She says she's "I have almost died several times." She also references our love of "unnecessarily" large pick-up trucks.

She's right, we love those.

As a math teacher, she's not use to hearing the Texas pledge after the American Pledge of Allegiance each morning, of course... Sure, I'm sure she much more accustom to the New York pledge.

And while we have a serious lack of H-E-B stores here in East Texas, any Texan is well aware of it's "cult following," that's no secret. But even she gets Texas' love for kolaches, "Not going to lie, they're delish," she says about those amazing pieces of stuffed bread.

Finally, Texans pride themselves in referring to people as "sir" and "ma'am," that is not the case everywhere, as such Ms. Wolfe is still adjusting to it.


@mswolfmathI will never ever get used to being called “mam” 😂 ##teachersoftiktok ##texas ##katespadenyonthemove ##CinderellaMovie♬ Wii Shop Channel - McTweet

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