When you think of great reality shows, Kitchen Nightmares has been a favorite once it first aired in 2007. Some restaurants have been saved, some have not. We've talked about one of the most infamous episodes that took place in Arizona; now we're gonna talk about the only restaurant from Texas that appear on Kitchen Nightmares & we'll see if it's still open: El Greco from Austin.

If you don't remember the El Greco Kitchen Nightmares episode, here's a recap

El Greco was a Greek restaurant that opened its doors in 2007. Its owners were Jake Konstantinidis & his mother Athina. The world was introduced to El Greco as it appeared on January 20, 2012.

If you want to rewatch the episode in full, thankfully you can see the entire 40+ minute episode online.

You can also find videos that people of the FILMING of the episode online as well.

But the big question still remains...

Is the El Greco still open or is it closed?

If you Google search for El Greco in Austin, it still shows its original location: 3016 Guadalupe St. Google also says it's still open (24 hours a day) & it currently has a 3.1 rating with at least 19 reviews. The latest reviews were from about a month ago; one giving the El Greco 5 stars & the other giving it 1 star.

So that means El Greco is still open right? Well...no.

If you go to the address on Google Maps, there is a place there, but it's not El Greco. You can see businesses there like Cheba Hut & Via313 Pizzeria...but there's no sign of El Greco.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Reality TV Updates website also pointed out that the restaurant actually closed down in December of 2011, just a month before the episode even aired. They also confirmed that the Cheba Hut is indeed where El Greco used to stand...

Google Maps
Google Maps

So sadly El Greco is no longer around in Austin; will there be another Texas location on Kitchen Nightmares? Only time well tell...

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