There are lots of school districts across the state of Texas that are returning to the classroom to kick off a brand-new school year. It’s always exciting to see your friends and classmates again, to meet your new teachers, and to show off your new school clothes. But parents and teachers spend a lot of money preparing for the new school year, so we decided to ask parents in Texas about the most expensive items they had to purchase when preparing for the new school year. 


As we started getting more answers to this question there was one response that caught me off guard. When thinking about this question I was only thinking about the cost of each parent but then a teacher made a comment. It was about buying almost 80 notebooks for her students just so the parents had one less thing they had to purchase. It’s things like this that remind all of us how important teachers are and how underpaid they truly are. 

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Don’t Put So Much Pressure on Yourself 

As a parent or teacher, you want to make sure your kids or students have everything they need, which is amazing, but don’t put pressure on yourself to have the newest items. I know there were multiple years that I used the same backpack. If items from last year are still in good shape, don’t shy away from using them for another year.  

Let’s Look at the Most Expensive Items 

When getting ready for a new school year here is a list of items that Texas parents believe are the most expensive.  

14 Most Expensive Items When Going Back to School

When preparing for a new school year here is a look at some of the most expensive items you'll need to purchase.

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