A north Texas high school soccer coach was fired for racking up a huge bill at a strip club and putting it on the school districts credit card.

The coach was employed by the Bridgeport Independent School District in Bridgeport, Texas but was in Houston for a soccer clinic when he racked up the huge bill.

Coach JD Bales, who was hired by the district in 2018, ran up the charges in July, resigned in September and was arrested in December.

Bales initially said the charges were fraudulent but evidence was found that he had indeed been at the strip club and "entertained" himself to the tune of $5,455.81.

“During the investigation, which included information that Bales had formerly claimed the charge was fraudulent (with both the school and the financial institution), investigators discovered evidence indicating a criminal offense occurred,” Bridgeport Police Chief Steve Stanford said in a written statement to the newspaper. “…Bales eventually submitted payment for the charge. However, due to the overwhelming evidence in the case (most importantly the case involved taxpayer money), I believed it was prudent to submit the case to the Wise County District Attorney.” - KSAT 

The coach has a bit of a history with the school. Earlier this year, 6 members of his team were arrested over a hazing incident.

KSAT said the students held underclassmen down and filmed them as they were stripped and forced to repeat ugly phrases like "I'm your b***h".

The article didn't say what, if any, role Bales may have had in that incident, only that members of his team were charged with misdemeanors because of it.

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