Famous rapper, Drake, has chosen Houston as his new residence, according to a recent report from AllHipHop.

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The Toronto native, who often references Houston as his second home, has been searching for the ideal abode for quite some time.

During his "It's All A Blur" tour stop in Houston on September 18, the hip-hop superstar shared his excitement with fans.

"After all this searching, I've finally found my spot in Houston, Texas!” he exclaimed.

The city of Houston holds a treasured space in Drake's heart.

It’s where his music journey intersected with mentor Lil Wayne, an introduction facilitated by Houston’s Jas Prince.

Rewinding to 2009, the city bore witness to Drake's collaboration with its very own legend, Bun B, marking a significant entry in his third mixtape, "So Far Gone."

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During a recent tour concert, Bun B was warmly recognized by Drake, underscoring the legend's influential role in the rapper's ascent.

In other buzz-worthy news, Drake addressed the delayed release of his much-anticipated album, "For All The Dogs."

However, he reassured fans that the postponement is strategic.

Intent on delivering an album that encapsulates his deep admiration for Houston, he promised another chart-topping collection. Eager fans can mark their calendars for its debut on October 6.

Drake’s decision to nest in Houston isn’t just a relocation. It's emblematic of the profound influence the city wields on his music and persona.

With the artist now officially calling Houston home, the music world may soon be treated to more Houston-inspired anthems.

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