Texas is loaded with cities and towns that have odd names. I like this one for, not only a weird name, but, also, a funny back story.

Travel across Texas ... off the interstate ... and you'll find yourself going through all kinds of small towns. Some of which barely earned the title of "town" because, I guess, "wide spot in the road" isn't really very PC.

Some of these places have names that are just as weird as the towns are small.

Texas has lots of weirdly named cities and towns, most of which with stories behind their names that explain them. Houston, founding father of Texas. El Paso, "the pass" ... we get it. Others though:

Cut And Shoot, Texas - During an argument between local church members ... over what I don't know ... a young boy was (apparently) heard to say he was about to "cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes". Must have been a pretty boring fight.


Pecan Gap, Texas - Named after, it seems, the gap between two pecan trees owned/claimed by the town. I guess, maybe ... whatever. For what it's worth, 2 different Texas towns can claim ownership of the world's largest (fake) pecans.

Newman, Texas -The guy who founded the (former) town of Newman, Texas ... once located in far northeast El Paso ... was named Newman.

What Texas Town Has The Weirdest Name?

Granted, that's a tough one but, here's the one that landed the Dubba G award for weird/funny town name. Ding Dong, Texas.

The story behind this one stems from a joke. Ding Dong, Texas ... population 20-ish ... was named for its founders, a newly wedded couple named Bert and Zulis Bell. You can already see where this is going, huh?

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How Did Ding Dong, Teas Get Its Name?

The Bells hired a painter to paint a sign for their store and a local smartass talked the painter into painting two bells, labeled Bert and Zulis, with "Ding" and "Dong" written underneath.

... and, there 'ya go.

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