There's no denying how much many of us enjoy watching superhero movies. We love watching brave, strong, compassionate heroes battle antagonistic forces to protect their communities. It's a classic story that always resonates in our hearts. They're the movies we love to watch again and again.
But here's the thing: we have true, real-life heroes right here in our midst in East Texas. 
Among the finest of these heroes are the brave men and women who serve in our East Texas Police Departments. They serve our communities and come to us during moments of crisis.
I can't even fathom what our communities would be like without their presence. Just knowing that they're there contributes to a peace of mind that many of us take for granted.
Courage. Strength. Compassion. A heart for service and excellence. 
If these are values that you hold in high regard, and you're willing to work and train hard, the Tyler Police Department may want to speak with you. They will be hiring very soon and the annual salary begins at $55,625 with increases as you progress in your career.
So, want to know a bit more about the mission and culture of the Tyler Police Department? Here's a statement from the Chief:

"The Tyler Police Department is one of the finest Police Departments in the country. The men and women of the Tyler Police Department are the ones that make it great. We are dedicated to developing strong partnerships with the Community and providing outstanding service.

The Tyler Police Department works to continuously improve and meet the needs of the citizens of Tyler. We are an innovative department that explores new opportunities and ideas. If you are looking for a challenging career and an opportunity to make a difference, we have a career waiting for you." ~Chief Jimmy Toler


You can get more information about requirements, benefits, salary and more at
We need more heroes like you.

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