Kacey Musgraves' second album, 'Pageant Material,' is available today. In fact, I downloaded it about an hour ago, and haven't yet had a chance to listen it, but I'm a fan.

Kacey's first album, 'Same Trailer, Different Park,' evokes an array of emotions when I listen to it. It's not an album that I listen to everyday, but when I do listen I always listen all the way through. It's an album that draws you in and holds on to you.

It not only grabs my ears, but my heart. Inevitably, I end up crying every time I listen to it, because it's just that beautiful. If you've not listened to it - you're missing out.

Today, Kacey has released 'Pageant Material.' She has led up to the album release with the obligatory appearances on late night television, and her first morning show appearance on GMA.

Performing the lead single from the new album 'Biscuits.'


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