Well, the day has come where beer drinkers can have a good health benefit about our favorite frothy beverage, beer. And the article is from Time Magazine's "health" section, so it's gotta be true.Researchers are saying our beloved beer has more good things to give. First off, beer has basic ingredients along with water and barley make a substance in the beer called humulone. Now this, ironically, helps the body fight cold viruses in adults and bronchitis in children.

Now of course there are other good things about our hops filled golden brew. From the article in Time Magazine:

Unfortunately, a single can of beer doesn’t contain enough humulone to make a difference, Jun Fuchimoto, a researcher for Sapporo, said. You’d need to drink 30 12-oz. cans of beer in order for there to be any effect — about 4,500 calories‘ worth and enough alcohol to make a cold the least of your worries. Sapporo is looking into adding humulone to food and non-alcoholic drinks as well, Fuchimoto said. But don’t forsake the other health benefits beer can have in more reasonable amounts: It’s been shown to increase bone density and reduce risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Protein in hops will even make your hair and skin shinier.

And, of course, we can't forget about the harmful effects of alcohol (drink responsibly!), but this is some cool info to know for those of us who love the brew.

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