Taking the occasional trip to Shreveport or Oklahoma to try our chances at the slots or Blackjack is fun for many East Texans. There are many Texans who believe that that gambling money should stay within the Red River boundary. If Las Vegas Sands gets their way, that very well could happen.

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Come November, it is very possible that Texans could head to the polls and vote to allow some sort of gambling within Texas (kxan.com). What that means exactly is still up for debate. Personally, I don't think Texas would just allow outright gambling anywhere. I think it would be only in certain cities in extremely controlled areas. What Las Vegas Sands is lobbying for seems right along those lines.

Las Vegas Sands is part of the Texas Destination Resort Alliance which is lobbying our representatives in Austin very hard to allow gambling resorts in major Texas cities. Radio and television advertisements have even begun in Texas biggest cities. The group is looking for Texans to head to the polls to allow for destination gambling resorts in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

As of right now, Austin is resisting such a vote.

I mean, why not? There are the positives and negatives to this obviously. Gambling addiction is the most concerning. None of us want Texans losing all of their hard earned money on stupid bets. But the taxes from these casinos could go a long way in the state.

What say you, should Texas allow these gambling resorts in our state?


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