I can already see the eye rolling of some folks, but like it or not, some do not know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. Instead of thinking they are a lost hope, let's do some teaching, shall we.

And who better to learn the difference then from the U.S. Department of Defense. Check out this great video. You'll learn the difference and how the days came to be.

Our military men and women do so many things that we will never see nor hear about. It's probably better that way, too. We need to always show them the upmost respect. Something Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson didn't do this weekend.

He joked about Texas Congress hopeful Dan Crenshaw and he received some well deserved backlash.

Yeah, that was not funny. Sometimes these "stars" forget that they are not more important than anyone else around them.

Veteran's Day is Sunday where we spend the day thanking those who have served. Let's do it outside of November 11. Say a "thank you" and shake their hand on the other days as well.

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