Today is February 18th, 2022. Guys, we are exactly 30 days from the official first day of spring here in Texas (if my math is correct, it's not always dependable). A big part of springtime in Texas... say it with me... "ROADTRIPS!"

And what is that we look forward to the most about our Texas road trips? Bucc-ee's!

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From Their world famous Beaver Nuggets, jerky, nuts, sauces & rubs, popcorn, and candy; y'all realize that there are people who actually plan road trips around Bucc-ee's locations, right?

But, gas prices are on the rise and expected to get higher this spring. What if you want some crunchy, sweet, Beaver Nugs but don't want to have to actually hit the open road?

Well, then you check out Texas Snax.

Texas Snax is made of some of the biggest Buc-ee's fans in the world. We believe that if you've been to Texas but never been to Buc-ee's, then you've never actually been to Texas. We created Texas Snax to share the best snacks that Texas has to offer with anyone and everyone in this great country.

Texas Snax is a third-party re-seller of Buc-ee's products, and they will shop the world's greatest convenient store for you, then ship your cravings directly to you home. This. Changes. Everything. Check out more on their services here.

Buc-ee's is best known as an immaculate chain of Texas convenience stores, with the cleanest bathrooms in the known galaxy, and an always open gas pump, it has grown to outside of the Lone Star State. You can find 39 Buc-ee's locations across Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee (for some reason) will soon be home to their largest location.

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