A Facebook post from the Lindale Police Department has given a heads up to East Texas cities about a community scam that took place Monday.

In the post, Lindale PD explains the scenario that took place. According to Lindale PD, the scam began when a person called a local business, posing as a customer. The caller asked for a favor - a small cash loan to tow their vehicle and that someone they knew would be there shortly. KLTV reports it was $147.

Apparently the caller didn't give out much information but was tactful by using the information from the business and the unsuspecting employee. Lindale PD made a point about willfully giving money to someone, even if it is a scam.

We want to remind everyone that by giving them money, you are doing so willingly and it eventually puts you in a financial bind. Please do not become a victim to scams.

The photos shared on social media are of the man who picked up the money and the phone number that initiated the scam. The police department has flagged the number for scam activity and has been investigated with the conclusion that the number does not come back to someone real.

Please be 'aware and vigilant' in the words of Lindale PD and contact the department if you recognize the individual or have fallen victim to the same scheme. Sadly, there are people in this world that will take advantage of human kindness.

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