Someone is contacting East Texans asking to donate money to the Neal McCoy's East Texas Angel Network. Neal's a great dude and the East Texas Angel Network is a great charity. Problem is, it's an imposter.

According to KLTV, a woman received a text shortly after she commented on Neal McCoy's Facebook page asking for a donation.

The unidentified woman told KLTV, "He sent me the link to a cash transfer app that creates money from an account to a bitcoin account." She refused.

She was then asked to send $1,000 through Western Union.

Neal did tell KLTV that it's not the first time someone has tried to scam people using his organization and name. "There’s no one out there on my behalf that’s saying ‘could you send us some money,’. We’re not doing that, so if you get that message from somebody, just don’t do it; dig a little deeper," McCoy said.

A legit way to donate money to his organization is through his website,, or his East Texas Angel Network concert, which is September 29 at the Belcher Center in Longview.

And to whoever is trying to get money this way, may karma pay you a visit soon.

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