Last month when we first discovered Lola's Handcrafted Sandwiches, I freely admitted leisure time plans in my house start with, "where we gonna eat"?  Lola's had just been named one of the dozen best sandwich joints in Texas, the only place in this region to make that list.  Now, their mission is to show all of us why they earned that distinction, & there's a special new creation continuing to illustrate the point.  Just one catch- it's only on the menu this week!   

Lola's short-term sandwich addition is called "The Barnyard".  My mouth is watering just looking at this picture & reading the ingredients:  brisket, ham, bacon, cheddar, & more- all served on a homemade roll.  YYYYuuuummmm!

On my initial Lola's visit, I wolfed down their "Mob Boss" sandwich- an Italian sub-style combination worthy of any Godfather!  (The fresh mozzarella was the unique twist.)  So far I've seen & been told of first-hand sampling & subsequent adoration for Lola's Rueben, Mediterranean Turkey, & Chicago Beef. 

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

By the way, as we've learned from visits to various restaurants lately, "secret menu" options do exist, & Lola's is no exception, offering up a Vegetarian version of the original  Mediterranean Turkey. 

Jason Eisenberg | TSM


Ok that's it - I can't take it any more... MUST... GO...  GET ONE (or 2 or 3)!