This Is MY List So Don't Get All Up In Your Feelings About It. If There's A Place I Should Try, I'm Always Open To Recommendations.

Sandwiches or as I affectionately like to call them SAMMICHES. Simple, convenient and mostly custom to your liking. You really can't screw up a sammich folks. So in my short few years of being in East Texas, I've come across some REALLY delicious sammiches from local hot spots.

I've Shared A Few Of Them On My TikTok Page.

If you follow me on TikTok then you've seen my reviews for some of the spots I'm about to mention including Stanley's BBQ in Tyler and their famed "Mother Clucker" sandwich which just celebrated its 10th birthday.

What Makes A Great Sandwich To Me?

Its really hard for me to say what makes a sandwich great but one thing is for sure: It has to BLOW MY MIND when I bite into it. Like Juicy J's TX Melts and their "Lonestar Melt". It was so good it almost didn't make it into my TikTok video because sometimes I DONT WANT TO TELL YALL about some of the places I go because the "masses" are known for ruining things.

But You Can't Ruin These Delicious Sandwiches

Homemade Vegan Pulled Jackfruit BBQ Sandwich
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The sandwiches you're about to see range from seafood to pork but as long as its between 2 slices of bread or bun, its a SAMMICH to me and here my top 5 Best Damn Sandwiches I've Tried In East Texas....So Far.

The Best Damn Sandwiches In East Texas

If You're In The ETX, You HAVE to try these sandwiches from local restaurants in the area. You won't be sorry!

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