After being suspended from Major League Baseball for violating its drug policy, he tested positive for Adderall, former Longview Lobo, Chris Davis, may not have much too be happy about these days. Except, saving a guys life.

He was bleeding pretty badly and gasoline was dripping out of the truck. The first man waved me over, and he, and I, and a woman started trying to lift the truck off of the pinned man. It was too heavy for the three of us—it was an old, large model pick-up and was VERY heavy. However, within a half-a-minute, another five to six folks had jumped out and started helping. We were able to pick the truck back up onto its wheels—unpinning the man.

When I turned to look at the first man, I instantly noticed a VERY strong resemblance to Chris Davis. He didn't have any Orioles gear on (so I wasn't sure ... there was no big '19' on him anywhere!), except his tennis shoes were black and orange. We glanced at each other with a "good job" look and I said, "Chris?" He said, "Yeah?" "Chris Davis?" "Yeah?" I said, "One hell of a way to meet Chris Davis ... and by the way, I think they screwed you over big-time and I support you 100 percent." He said "Thanks, it really means a lot to hear that," and was very sincere about it.

When Davis was suspended he was batting a major-league-worst .196, and has struck out 173 times. Though he ranks second on the Orioles to Nelson Cruz with 26 homers and is third on the team, behind Cruz and Adam Jones with 72 RBIs.

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