I have two avid skateboarders living with me so when we moved to East Texas last year, we made a beeline for the Dodson Action Sports Complex in Longview because its one of the best "action sports" locales in the state of Texas if not one of the best in the country. The complex is beloved by locals and action sports athletes from all over the country come to Longview to check it out. On any given weekend you can find stars there along with beginners which makes it a vibe unto itself.

Now Dodson will be receiving more attention as some of the nations best BMX Competitors will be competing there soon.

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According to The Longview News Journal, the third round of the 2022 USA BMX Freestyle Series will be held at Dodson Action Sports Complex at Ingram Park from April 1 through April 3rd. USA BMX Freestyle is an organization that offers a series of competitions across the United States with Longview being the third of eight stops this year. BMXers from all across the country and their families and fans are scheduled to descend upon Longview for the event.

The event will feature Male and Female, amateur and pro competitions but pros who compete could qualify for the next Olympics.

Pro BMXers Nick Bruce and Justin Dowell, who each represented the U.S. during the Tokyo Olympics this past summer will be two of the pros who have signed up to compete in Longview in the "Elite Division" where pros earn points that qualify them for the World Cup, which in turn leads to qualifying for the Olympics.

Amateur BMXers are encouraged to signup and compete!

Don't let the "star power" and "pros" scare you from signing up! This could be your one shot at becoming the next BMX star. In order to compete, you have to be a USA BMX member and you can sign up online here. April 1 is set as a practice day, while the main competition will last all day April 2. The following day, April 3, is a backup day in case the event runs over.

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