Let's Help An East Texas Town Get Featured On TV!

Are you familiar with the Texas Travel TV show "The Daytripper"? The Daytripper is a travel show, blog and podcast hosted by Chet Garner and his team as they travel across the Lone Star State, highlighting everything from well-known landmarks to small-town hidden gems.

In Their Most Recent Episode, They Stopped Through Another East Texas City, Jacksonville.

The show is getting ready to wrap up its 14th season and they are asking viewers to decide where they should go next and they are putting it into a playoff bracket featuring 16 Texas towns. This is your CHANCE to vote for an East Texas town that has some very STIFF COMPETITION.

Garner announced in a YouTube video on July 14 which towns were in the running.

The first round of cities vying for the spot includes Grand Prairie vs. Denison, Terrell vs. Temple, San Antonio vs. Zapata, Jasper vs. Texarkana, El Paso vs. Menard and Comanche vs. Del Rio.

Rusk, Texas Is Going Up Against Galveston


In what is probably the most mismatched part of the bracket, Rusk Texas is going up against beach side power Galveston.

While towns like Terrell and Temple are evenly matched (because both of those towns have Buc-ee's) its tough to put the rural quiet and natural beauty of Rusk up against a party center beach resort but since its YOUR VOTE that matters, let's see if we can help Rusk pull an upset!

Here's How You Can Vote!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Texans will have a week to vote on each round of picks, and winners will progress to the next round until a winner is decided in the championship. The voting form can be found at this link and be sure to vote for your favorite EAST Texas towns!

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