Unfortunately, there are a select few people that feel a natural disaster is the perfect time to take what's not theirs.

The Montgomery County District Attorney is having none of it according to the Houston Chronicle. District Attorney Brett Ligon had this to say on Facebook.

There have been reports of looters shooting at first responders as they are trying to rescue residents from the flooding.

They have even shot at members of the Cajun Navy during their rescues. Some have even attempted to steal their boats. Some people are just plain evil.

Pictures are surfacing on Facebook of the looters deeds.

Karma is a thing and it will come to collect ten-fold on these criminals. These people do not represent the true spirit of Texas. Strangers have come together and done what they needed to do to bring others to safety. That's the Texas I know.

Keep all of those effected by Hurricane Harvey in deepest prayers.

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