Let's be honest, whenever you're moving items it's a pain but sometimes it must be done. But normally you want to finish the job as soon as possible and put your items away in their new home. Well, Smith County Sheriff's Deputies were on patrol on New Years Eve and found something in the middle of the road that they never expected a gun safe.

Obviously, there wasn't anything on the safe that identified who the owner is and law enforcement wants to return the safe to it's owner. You would think a safe of any kind would be something that is noticed quickly and the owner would be looking for it, but seeing as how it's been over a month and a half since deputies first found the safe they aren't so sure someone is going to claim it.

Where Was the Gun Safe Found in the Middle of the Road?

Smith County Patrol Deputies have contacted other law enforcement agencies to see if they had any reports of lost gun safes but no luck so far. The large gun safe was first found on December 31st, 2021 on the 12800 block of CR 192 so in the southwest area of Smith County.

Smith County Sheriff's Are Asking You to Share Pictures of the Gun Safe

Law enforcement is asking the public to share pictures of the retrieved gun safe so it can be returned to it's owner. Or if you hear of anyone that is missing their gun safe please have them contact Detective Kevin Londoff at 903-590-2615 or call the Smith County Sheriff's Office at 903-566-6600 and leave your information.

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