Photos: Kilgore ISD Facebook page
Photos: Kilgore ISD Facebook page

This is just such a great example of helping our East Texas kids become excited about learning.

Even for those of us who really enjoyed school, there's no denying that when kids are able to experience learning outside of the classroom, it can make a real impact. Particularly when those kids have a hand in creating something and then are able to take it out and test it. What a creative learning experience!

Chandler Elementary School students are clearly some gifted parachute-makers!

Recently, the 4th grade LEAP program students at the Chandler Elementary school were able to test the parachutes they'd created at school in a real-life scenario. And they had help from some extraordinary people--the Kilgore Fire Department!

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So, how did the parachute-dropping experiment actually work and how did the Kilgore, Texas Fire Department help?

Photos: Kilgore ISD Facebook page
Photos: Kilgore ISD Facebook page

These kiddos had worked hard creating their parachutes at school. The Kilgore Fire Department offered to come out and raise their truck ladder so each student would have the opportunity to watch their parachutes at work.

Each parachute held an egg--cuz every parachute needs a passenger--before they were "dropped" from the top of the Kilgore Fire Department's truck ladder.

We are happy to confirm, thanks to the Kilgore ISD Facebook page, that only ONE egg had the littlest crack. That means we have some very talented, young parachute-makers at Chandler Elementary.

And it also is just one more example of how awesome the Kilgore Fire Department is for lending a hand.

Kudos to the KFD, the students, and a shout-out to the faculty and staff for providing such a cool, creative learning experience for our East Texas kiddos.

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