Election day will be here before you know it and Lyft is pitching in to help get voters to the polls.

According to Yahoo Finance, the ride-hailing service is partnering with several voter turnout organizations to offer discounted, and in some cases, free, rides on Nov. 6.

Pew Research Center released a study indicating nonvoters are usually less affluent than voters which makes transportation less accessible to them.

Lyft will give out promo codes for half-price rides for voters who need transportation to the polls, and free rides will be given to people in underserved communities.

Also, they will be working getting nonvoters registered as National Voter Registration Day approaches on Sept. 25.

Mike Masserman, Lyft’s head of social impact said in a statement:

It’s absolutely essential that we will be nonpartisan in doing this.  We want to make sure everyone’s voice is heard in this election.

Lyft will also be launching a feature ahead of Election Day to help riders find their polling location, and will give drivers voter registration handouts and other voter information for any interested riders.





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