Have we seen a comedy where a dude orders a Lyft as his getaway vehicle but gets into a police car instead? No. Well, here it is.

The gentleman pictured above is 28-year-old Nicholas Maziot. He was trying to rob a home in Rochelle Park, New Jersey according to KLTV. Maziot broke into the home thinking no one was there.

Oh but the homeowners were there. So, Maziot climbed out the same second floor window he came in through and ran. Maziot decided to hide in a backyard about a block away. He had no getaway strategy.

"Wait! I'll open up the Lyft app and request a ride that way!" Maziot didn't say that but what else could he be thinking. He obviously didn't pay much attention to the description or arrival time of his ride.

Why? Because he jumped into the back of a police car thinking it was his ride. From there, officers took Maziot into custody.

He will face charges of burglary, criminal trespass, theft and some other charges for good measure.

Moral of the story:

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