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Morris "Mac" Davis has left us.


We have a door in our building, that spotlights Lubbock Music Legends. One of them is Buddy Holly...another, is Mac Davis.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

People are going to remember Mac for his string of hits as a performer, and as an actor and host of his own variety show in the 70's (honestly...who DIDN'T have a Variety show in the 70's?).

I remember sitting down in front of the TV as a kid, with my entire family, watching Mac. We loved the music, we loved the costumes, and we loved the humor. For a singer and songwriter, Mac was one of the best...writing hits for Elvis Presley, among others...and was extremely funny. Those who were close to him knew this first hand.

For me, however...my greatest memory of Mac Davis comes from a movie that I have re-watched literally HUNDREDS of times.  North Dallas Forty.

We were HBO pirates back in the day, since cable wouldn't come to our area until the late 80's, so when we watched HBO, we always felt like we were watching something special. When they began to show North Dallas Forty, my dad was a Cowboys Fan, so we sat down to see the fictionalized version of the behind the scenes workings of the  team. As much as it was a starring vehicle for Nick Nolte...it was Mac's portrayal of Seth Maxwell, North Dallas Quarterback who knew how to "play the game", that made the movie for me. Classic lines from Mac such as: "If I had a dog, I'd shave his butt and make him walk backwards", his 70's machismo, a unique name for his...ahem...equipment, and his raw, comedic vulgarity were priceless.

Image via YouTube-Movieclips
Image via YouTube-Movieclips

This man...was a legend. I hate that I had to write the word "was", because Mac is...and always will be...a major part of what makes Lubbock great.

Rest In Peace, Seth Maxwell.


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