Halloween seems to be the one holiday on which we can all agree.

At least most of us.

Halloween isn't about the devil as some would have us or want us to believe.

The most common costumes I've seen so far this year are the characters from Duck Dynasty who spend their time inviting people to believe in and follow Jesus.

I'd say that's about as far from evil as it gets.

No, Halloween is about fun.

This country is more divided than I've ever seen it in my more than half-century here on dear, old Mother Earth. But when it comes to dressing up in funny costumes, making food that looks like zombie parts and eating candy, on that we all seem to agree.

And enjoy. A lot.

At the height of my Trick-Or-Treating days, Batman was the big show on TV. This was back when you went to the Ben Franklin Five & Dime and walked the aisle looking at the various masks that looked back at you through the cellophane window of the cardboard box in which they lived. They’d all call out to you to 'pick them' this year.

It must've been a nightmare for parents to try and follow a herd of boys in the dark, all dressed like Batman, trying to keep up with which kid was yours. But my mom did it. And she enjoyed it.

When we got home, my dad went through all of the candy to "check it" before we could have any. It was then rationed to a couple of pieces per day and usually lasted until right before Christmas.

Today, as I watch my and other folk's grandchildren dress up as pumpkins, ninjas and Uncle Si, I smile. Because this is the one time of year when there's no religion or politics involved in something that most of us are doing together.

Something that makes us all happy.

So, let's postpone Pelosi and Boehner. And pass the caramels and the candy corn, please.