In news we knew was bound to happen sooner or later, a New Jersey man called the Hopatcong Police Department claiming to be "The President" demanding to speak with Tim Tebow.

According to,

Jason Slater, 28, called 911 three times late June 10, refusing to give the dispatcher information each time. Then he called the Hopatcong police department's main line, saying he was the president and he wanted to talk with Tebow, the New York Jets' backup quarterback, police said.

Whoa, wait a minute! Who said Mark Sanchez wasn't the New York Jets' backup quarterback?

The story continues after police officers found him hiding under blankets and pillows in his mother's closet, arrested and released him -- and then he threw his summons complaint on the ground right outside the police department. Police warned him to pick it up. He did, but in a crazy twist, threw it back on the ground again!

Slater was subsequently charged with littering, too.

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