Tim Tebow is now with the New England Patriots. Like the team needs another pretty face, right!? Some believe the important question here is ... will Tebow make a difference at New England? But that is not the important question here folks, by no means.

No, the important question in this situation is - "who is hotter, Tebow or Brady?" Now that's an important question. Right girls?

Okay, when Tebow played for the Denver Broncos, he did help the team get into the playoffs, but when the team picked up Manning, it was "adios" Tebow. Then Tebow got picked up by  the New York Jets, but even then, he didn't see much action as the backup for quarterback Mark Sanchez, only throwing for 39 yards all season. If any of you think that Tebow will get more action with New England, you may be disappointed. I mean they have Tom Brady - duh!

No, the real question is definitely the "hotness" factor. So, take the poll and let's put an end to this burning question.


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