Have you seen this story? Televangelist Pat Robertson has spoken up about the way he perceives the Denver Broncos treated Tim Tebow -- "shabbily." During Robertson's show, "The 700 Club" on Wednesday, Robertson came to the aid of the religious Tebow after  he was traded to the New York Jets. Roberston telling his viewers that Tebow had won the franchise seven games and got them to the playoffs -- "for heaven's sake."

Robertson chided Denver for signing four-time MVP Peyton Manning despite his missing all of last season after a series of offseason neck surgeries.

Robertson has had Tebow's back before. He blasted Saturday Night Live for doing a skit that he felt made fun of Tebow's religious beliefs.

Fox Sports quoted Robertson as saying:

"And you just ask yourself, OK, so Peyton Manning was a tremendous MVP quarterback, but he's been injured. If that injury comes back, Denver will find itself without a quarterback. And in my opinion, it would serve them right."

Some folks are taking Robertson's remarks as wanting Manning's injury to resurface. Personally, I don't view it that way. Roberston just loves his Tebow!

What do you think?

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